How to Choose the Right Toilet

You might not think about it much but the toilet is a key part of your bathroom. With so many varieties and choices it can be hard to choose. Making the right first choice saves a lot of future headaches so here’s how to choose the right toilet.

One Piece or Two?

Two piece toilets, where the tank and base are separate, are the most common kind of toilets. They are held together by a seam which can be annoying to clean. They are easier to transport though, which can help with moving them into the bathroom.

One piece toilets are usually more expensive and higher quality but both quality and price varies. It gives your bathroom a more modern look and is easier to clean. One piece toilets are also available in traditional-looking styles so if you’ve got the budget you might want to go for a one piece. It’s hard to deny the charm of a two-piece though. Either way there are advantages to each one so which way you goes is entirely down to your personal preferences.

High Tank Toilets

High tank toilets are a step above two piece toilets. High tank toilets are just as functional as standard two-piece toilets so the choice to go with one is more about looks and budget than functionality. High tank toilets are for people who want to have a noticeable toilet rather than a minimalist option.

In-Wall Toilets

The tank on an in-wall toilet is invisible because it’s actually installed into the wall. They look and feel clean but they are costly to install and maintain given that you need to get into the wall. There are also times where your wall won’t allow you to install an in-wall toilet so keep this in mind and budget/plan accordingly.

Gravity or Pressure-Assisted

Something else to consider is whether you’re going with a gravity-based flushing mechanism or a pressure-assisted one. Pressure-assisted toilets use water pressure to create a stronger flush and leave your toilet cleaner. Much like an in-wall toilet there’s a chance you won’t be able to install a pressure-assisted toilet. So consider opening up your wall before making a choice.

Seat Height

The average toilet seat is 17 inches high, one inch lower than a chair seat. Manufacturers have begun developing toilets at a more comfortable 19 inches. Most people will want to stick to a lower toilet seat though. Comfort-height toilets are a good option for people who have trouble sitting down and standing up or are very tell. If you don’t have a problem using a regular toilet then don’t worry about getting a comfort height toilet and instead worry about the distance between your toilet and the wall.

Concealed or Integrated Base

You also need to think about the base of your toilet. It affects how the toilet looks and how complicated it is to maintain. The more complex the base of the toilet the harder it is to clean. If you don’t mind cleaning then go for the cheaper classic look. The more integrated the base is then the easier it is to clean and the more modern in looks. If you don’t mind spending a little extra then this can make your bathroom look better and easier to clean.

There may be a lot of choice out there as far as toilets go but when you make some basic decisions like this you really decrease the pool size. Decide what features and functions you want your toilet to have and you’ll find it’s much easier to find the right toilet for your bathroom.