8 Tips to Design a Better Shower

It is always great to have a nice and comfortable home, but all of that feels pretty much useless if you don’t have a nice shower that’s going to help you recover after a long day’s work. The design of a shower is really important, its controls have to be placed in the perfect place, the shower head has to be fit at the right length, there has to be a place for shampoo and soap, etc. All of those things make shower a lot more enjoyable, and that is why this is really important. So, we give you 8 tips, to help you design a perfect shower.

1 – Choose the Right Size

Having showers that are too small and claustrophobic can be terrible, and that is why you ought to measure it all before you install a shower. See what shower size would be perfect for your bathroom, and you as well, and then install that one.

2 – Keep the Controls at Your Reach

Sometimes, it can be terrible to have to walk into your shower in order to turn the water on. And what’s even more terrible is the fact that the first burst of water is usually the burst of cold water, meaning that your feet are going to feel it. That is why you ought to install the controls at your reach even before you’ve entered the shower – it’s going to help you wait for the perfect temperature of water in order to get your legs wet. Also consider spare hydrovane compressor parts from PMJ International, there may be something from there that you need to buy for your specific setup.

3 – Install a Bench

A bench can be a great place to sit and relax, or if you want to, you can use it to prop up your legs to easily shave your legs. A bench is today considered an essential part of any well designed shower, and installing it will make your shower look great, be more functional, and appear cooler.

4 – Add a Place for Soap and Shampoo

Make sure you add, and more importantly, install a place for the soap and shower that’s going to be of perfect size. Don’t make one that’s going to be too small to fit in all the gels, soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Also, make sure you place this in a perfect place, so that it could be just one grab away from you while you’re in the shower.

5 – Choose the Right Shower Head

There is more than one shower head out there, and you need to know how to choose the best one for your shower. You need to know if you want one that rains water, or the one that sprays gel on you. See what is it you want and need, and then decide which one you’re going to install in your shower.

6 – Keep in Full of Natural Light

Having a fully bright shower full of natural light is amazing, you can do it by installing some glass blocks. Glass doors, a skylight, or just more windows in the bathroom can allow the sunlight to enter and brighten up your bathroom.

7 – An Open Shower

You might consider installing an open shower if you want to have both a tub and a shower, and don’t have too much space for it.

8 – Consider Showers Without Curbs

This kind of shower is not just for the people that have trouble moving around; it can be a thing that is going to transform your entire bathroom into a showering room in no time.